Options Trade Alerts

Each Friday we email up to 3 trade alerts for weekly options to our members. Our trade alerts are the key to making profit with our weekly options picks.

About our trade alerts

Our trade alerts are short, simple email messages notifying our members when and what weekly options to buy. Our alerts are always sent between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM EST on most Friday mornings. Our emails are:

  • Easy to read – With the symbol for the  weekly option in the subject
  • Short – No fancy explanations, just the weekly option pick
  • Cheap – Our trade alerts cost only one credit

Sample Trade Alert

All trade alerts have the weekly option symbol clearly stated in the subject of the email. Trade alerts are also include a very short message indicating some details about the weekly option pick. A sample subject and message for an AMZN call:

  • Subject: One Day Wonder Options recommends AMZN120317C185.
  • Message: AMZN 185 calls priced at $0.23.

Options picks email sent to an iPhone.

You can receive our trade alerts wherever you have access to email.

Trade alerts in real time

Our weekly options picks are delivered through a dedicated email server enabling us to reach all of our members in less than 2 minutes. Option traders interested in our weekly options picks must either have timely access to email on Fridays.