Trade Alert Changes

Trade alerts are now trade notifications. Find out how notifications are going to be easier, quicker, and more effective!

  1. All members receive all trade notifications
  2. You will not be charged a credit on receipt of a notification
  3. Sensitive information is no longer included
  4. We will be adding Twitter and SMS notifications

1. How will alerts be delivered?

Perhaps the biggest change to our service is the manner in which we deliver picks. Currently, we deliver trade alerts with all actionable trade information via mass emails to those members with sufficient credits. Starting Friday 10/3, we will begin delivering trade notifications to all members. Notifications will include basic trade information and a link to the website where actionable information can be found.

2. When will credits be taken?

As mentioned before, you will not be changed a credit for receiving a notification. Trade notifications (email, SMS, or Twitter) will provide you with a link to the website where you can purchase the weekly option alert with your credits. If you are not logged in you will be presented with a login form right on the alert page. Additionally, if you do not have credits, the alert page will provide you with a link to renew.

3. What information will be in the alerts?

Trade notifications will be replacing trade alerts (see above #1). Instead of receiving actionable information, notifications will include the underlying stock and important statistics about every trade for that stock. Trade notifications are designed to give you a snapshot of our statistical expectations for the trade and instant means to get to the actionable information on the website should you decide to purchase the alert (see above #2).

4. What ways can I receive alerts?

For our first trade cycle on the new platform (Friday 10/3) we will be limiting notifications to email only. Additionally, we will begin sending emails via MailChimp. It is vital you are subscribed to our email list in order to receive trade notifications beginning this Friday.  In the following week, we will add Twitter notifications (@optionsprofit) with SMS alerts completing our new delivery platform by Friday, October 17th.

Changes to Credits

Generally speaking, credits will remain the same, however, purchasing and redemption are getting much easier!

  1. Purchase in any quantity you wish
  2. Instantly added to your account
  3. Use credits on the alert page to reveal trade information

 1. How will I purchase credits?

Beginning some time this week, we will be adding a new means for purchasing credits. Rather than having packaged bundles, you will be able to purchase credits individually. We will not initially have a means for offering discounted credits when bought in bulk, but that feature is forthcoming.

2. When will I receive credits?

In the past, credits were added to your account immediately. Unfortunately, our current platform has developed some issues beyond the scope of this post. Suffice to say, our new eCommerce platform will instantly add credits to your account in any quantity you purchase.

3. How will I use credits?

Your credits are still good for weekly option trades, however, you will not be deducted a credit when you receive a trade notification since notifications do not contain actionable trade information.  Rather, when you view a trade alert page (most likely after having clicked on a button or link in a notification) you will be presented with a purchase button that enables you to spend a credit to view the trade information for the alert. This button will be right in the middle of the alert and clicking it will instantly reveal the actionable information for the weekly option trade.

Other Important Changes

There are several other changes being made to One Day Wonder Options, here are the most important to know.

  1. All weekly option alerts have a purchasable window
  2. Autotrade notifications will be sent in real time
  3. We will have a redesigned website
  4. All members to receive one free bonus credit

1. How long do I have to decide to buy an option alert?

Our trades move quick so time is of the essence. After much deliberation we have decided to enforce a strict 5 minute purchase window on weekly option alerts. This means that you will only have 5 minutes total from the time the alert is published on One Day Wonder Options to decide to purchase the alert information.

Please note our email delivery can take up to 3 minutes to complete so it is vital to act quickly on your purchase decision. To that end, we have provided important statistical information on the viability of each trade on both our trade notification emails and the actual alert page. This information will show you the most recent trades for the underlying stock, the total number of trades, the winning history, and the average return. In essence, you will have all the information you need to quickly decide if the trade is right for you.

As we add Twitter and SMS alerts, the time between publishing the alert and receiving the notification will greatly reduce, giving you even more time to make your decision on purchasing the alert.

2. How will you handle Autotrade?

We will continue to offer Autotrade for our alerts. In the past we were able to email our Autotrade partner a list of members who received the trade alerts as we published the information. Having switched to trade notifications, we now send our Autotrade partner purchase confirmation in real time whenever a member with credits clicks a purchase button to buy an alert (see above, #3 How will I use credits?).

3. What will One Day Wonder Options look like?

By the trade cycle this Friday 10/3, you will be treated to a drastically redesigned One Day Wonder Options. This platform promises to be easier to read, more transparent, and yes mobile friendly. All of our existing content will remain in tact (no broken links), however, much of it will be rewritten to reflect the aforementioned changes to our delivery platform.

4. How do I get a free bonus credit?!

In order to get everyone acclimated to the new system, we will be giving all members one free bonus credit. That is currently just under $16000 in total credit value…

The next chapter

We are so excited to share these changes with you. Our new platform promises to be the beginning of the next chapter of One Day Wonder Options and it all starts Friday 10/3. As always, we thrive off of your feedback and would love to answer any questions you might have about this transition. Feel free to sound off in the comments below or contact us!