Receiving Trades

  1. Each Friday between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM EST we will publish up to three weekly option picks.
  2. At the time of publish, notifications will be delivered to our SMS subscribersmailing list, and Twitter feed.
  3. Notifications will contain a link which directs you back to the website where the actionable trade information resides.
  4. If you have a credit or active membership, you will be able to view the alert. IMPORTANT: The website may take a up to 30 seconds to load the trade information as it is managing all of the requests. DO NOT refresh the web page unless you receive an error message from your browser.

Buying Trades

Enter the trade using the broker of your choice at your own discretion. We will provide all relevant information for the option including the underlying stock, strike price, direction (call/put), and ask price at the time of publication.

Selling Trades

We do not send sell alerts. Unless you autotrade, you are responsible for choosing when to sell your weekly options. Our past data can help you determine a risk/reward ratio that suits your own style, however, we generally recommend looking to book profits in the 50% – 100% range.

Risk Management

Nothing will wipe out your gains faster than over exposure to an investment. Manage your risk by reducing the number of contracts you purchase to a reasonable level. Options always carry 100% risk, to limit your risk, limit your allocation.

Reward Management

Our extensive trade history is an invaluable source of past trade data. Almost every weekly option trade has a rich history of previous trades which you can use to help anticipate what to expect.

SEC Regulations on Day Trading

If you are trading any other service such as Options-Intelligence, please consider the SEC’s rules on day trading which limit the number of trades you can engage in. You will be buying and selling One Day Wonder Option trades on the same day.