General trade information

Each Friday between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM EST we will issue up to three weekly options picks to all members. Alerts will be delivered to our SMS subscribersmailing list, and Twitter feed.

Once you receive the alert, you must click on the link to view the alert on the website where you can either purchase actionable trade information (symbol, alert price, etc.) with your credit balance or view the alert information as a subscriber.

All weekly option alerts expire the same day AND must be purchased within 15 minutes of being published to the site.

Weekly options picks in envelope

Tip! Email alerts will be delivered from, be sure and add us to your contacts!

Buying trades

To purchase a position in weekly options from our trade alerts you will need to have an approved trading account with a brokerage that trades “weeklys” or weekly options. Unless you autotrade, you must open your positions manually through your broker so make sure to familiarize yourself with option symbols before you dive in.

Broker checklist

Consider these important aspects when choosing a broker with One Day Wonder Options. The right broker can help improve your success with trading options.

  • Trades weekly options or “weeklys”
  • Supports trailing stops
  • Provides real time quotes

Selling trades

We do not send sell alerts. Unless you autotrade, you are responsible for choosing when to sell your weekly options. Knowing when to sell is best evaluated on a case by case basis. There is no golden rule on when to sell to lock in profits or to mitigate a loss, so you must execute these trades utilizing your own judgement. Fortunately, we have some guidelines to help you make the most out of our weekly options picks.

Guidelines for selling your positions

Set limit orders to lock in profit

Based on our extensive trade performance, we highly recommend setting limit orders between 25% and 50% of the initial alert price. This will lock in profit as the value of the option appreciates.

Reduce your investment to manage risk

Nothing will wipe out your gains faster than over exposure to an investment. Manage your risk by reducing the number of contracts you purchase to a reasonable level.

Leverage our trade history for success

Our extensive trade history is an invaluable source of past trade data. Almost every weekly option trade has a rich history of previous trades which you can use to help anticipate what to expect.

SEC regulations on day trading

If you are trading any other service such as Options-Intelligence, please consider the SEC’s rules on day trading which limit the number of trades you can engage in. You will be buying and selling One Day Wonder Option trades on the same day.