We are using the new delivery platform this Friday

You’ve read the news, One Day Wonder Options has moved to a brand new delivery platform for alerts. Here’s the short of what is going to happen this Friday:


This Friday, we are going to post new weekly option trade(s) to One Day Wonder Options just like we have always done.


All members will receive a notification of the weekly option trade via this mailing list. No credits will be deducted at this time.


Members who want to trade the option will need to click on the button link in the email.


Once you click the link, you will be directed to the trade alert on the One Day Wonder Options website. There you able to buy the trade alert with your credit balance by clicking a large “Buy alert” button link.

Head’s up: Members will only have 5 minutes from the time the alert is posted to purchase the alert information!


Once you buy the alert, all of the actionable trade information will immediately appear.

Big thanks to our members!

We are excited about our new platform and will be adding many new features including SMS text alert and Twitter alert notifications. We have tested everything thoroughly and don’t anticipate any issues with the new platform, however, we will remain on high alert until all the trades are distributed. If there are any issues, we will work to correct them as quickly as possible! For more information about changes to One Day Wonder Options, read our upgrade announcement.