For those of you who may be unaware, Options-Intelligence is another of our options trading service websites. OI offers traders additional opportunities with weekly options and a unique strategy with monthly options.

This afternoon, we will be posting alerts for our Core Options Trading Strategy. This strategy leverages monthly options the week before expiration to produce some excellent returns (30% – 50% or higher) on a regular basis. This month in particular, boasts the highest winning history, a staggering 94%, compared to other months throughout the calendar year. We’ve created a nice writeup explaining the statistics for this cycle and we’d like to encourage One Day Wonder Options members to strongly consider this service.

If you decide to trade this month, we will discount any new monthly non-renewing subscription by $50 today only. Simply purchase the one-month access for $149 and we will refund the amount after confirming your subscription to One Day Wonder Options.