Twitter Notifications No Longer Offered

Effective immediately, we are dropping Twitter from our notifications systems leaving SMS and email as the notification options for new trades. This decision was made for two reasons: For the foreseeable future, we will rely on SMS and Email based notifications for alerts. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

All Alert Systems Back On-line

Members, we have corrected all outstanding alert issues for members. Email, SMS, and Twitter are all live for next week’s trades. We will be working with auto trade partners to ensure alerts are purchased for those members utilizing that service.

Email Alert Issue

Folks, we are experiencing an email alert issue. We are working to resolve it ASAP. SMS alerts are working without issue.


Members, we will not be posting trade alerts through this week. Dave is out on vacation and will be returning for One Day Wonder Option trades after the July 4th holiday. Our next trade will likely be published on the July 8th, but we may have a bonus alert on Wednesday, July 6th if Dave […]